Cheats for 100 Floors

100 Floors is an addicting mini puzzle game for Android and iOS users. If you have not tried playing it yet, download it now for free so you can start having fun with the challenges that await you. There are 100 floors to clear to finish the basic levels of the game. Open the door on one floor to go to the next floor. You’ll face various obstacles so you need to think of the best way to eliminate them to gain entrance. You’ll have to tap, shake and tilt your device to clear each level. If you want to make things easier, you may download the official cheats for 100 floors, which is available for free at the Apple Store or Android Market. The cheats guide will show you the step by steps procedure on how to clear each level. You may also refer to this cheat sheet for 100 floors containing the solutions to some of the most challenging levels of the game.

Level 13

There are items on the game that you can use to complete your goal on each level. Tapping on an item will add it on your inventory. These are the boxes on the lower part of the game window. In this particular level, you will see a hammer on the upper left side of the wall. Tilt your device to make the hammer fall. Tap on the hammer to place it on your inventory. It will be placed on one of the boxes at the bottom of the window. Tap on the hammer once again to use it. Tap on the wall to break it.

Level 18

There are 5 lights on the floor; 3 on the left side and 2 on the right. You need to tap on all the lights quickly so that they would be lit at the same time. They will light up when tapped. However, they stay lit for varying period and they will eventually go off. The trick here is to start on the upper left light and go counter clockwise fast.

Level 23                 

Tap the green button to turn on the light. Tap on the board on your inventory and tap on the door to place the board. Tap on the squares starting from the lower right corner going counter clockwise.

Level 34

This is like a crossword puzzle. Tap on the letters and numbers to spell the title of the game, which is 100 FLOORS.

Level 46

Clear this level by moving the images on the door so they match their mirror image on the floor.

Level 54

This level will test your decoding skills. If you’ve given up on clearing this level, then here’s the cheat. On the lower right of the calculator, you will find your clue, which is A=01. Type the corresponding numbers for CODE using the given clue. C is equal to 03, O is equal to 15, D is equal to 04 and E is equal to 05, so type: 03150405 to open the door and move to the next level.