100 Floors Hints

100 Floors is the perfect application for people who love strategy and puzzle games. Android, as well as iOS users can download this application and install it on their device. This is an exciting and challenging game that would make you want to try hard to complete each stage to move to the next one. Some stages can be easily completed while others are difficult to solve. Here are some 100 Floors hints that you can use on some of the levels to complete them.

How to Play the Game

Before moving to the game hints, it is best to have a basic understanding on how the game is played. There are 100 floors / levels to complete in this game. The first floor will be the first level. Your goal is to open the door on each stage so you can proceed to the next floor / level. Since this is a puzzle game, there will be obstacles that you need to clear before you can open the door and move to the next level. There will also be objects that you can find on some levels that will help you in accomplishing your task like paintbrush, screwdriver and hammer. Tap on the objects to pick them up. They will then be added to your inventory. Tapping on the items on your inventory will make them available for use. Shaking the phone, as well as tilting it will make some of the objects move and may gain you access to the door.

Useful Hints for Completing Various Levels

If you do not want the complete solutions as you still want to complete the levels on your own, some hints would do to help you clear the stages. Here are hints on some of the levels of the game.

Level 8 – maybe the gorilla will let you in if you feed it with its favorite fruit. What is its favorite fruit? That would not be hard to figure out and what you need is just on the floor.

Level 10 – another animal on the way. Opening the door while the sleeping snake is in front of it may not be a good idea. It may bite you if you pass over it. But if it moves out of the way, you will be able to open the door and move to the next floor. What will wake the snake wake up so it would move out of the way? Earthquake perhaps?

Level 19 – a rag and a dirty door? Perfect time to clean before moving to the next floor.

Level 29 – sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing and just stay put. Let the bomb do the job for you.

Level 33 – colors are fun. If you know the color of a specific object, this will grant you access to the next floor.

Level 49 – sometimes you don’t have to dig deep to find out what needs to be done as it is right there in front of you.

Level 54 – you are being asked to enter something. Look around and you will find a value given as a hint that will help you get the right answer.