100 Floors Game

Puzzles intrigue many people. There are those who play it to kill time while waiting. There are those who play to try out and learn what the buzz on puzzles is all about. And there are those who play for the love of the mind boggling and quite challenging game. Now that mobile apps are considered as one of the most common format of games, puzzles have hit the digital shore. There are plenty of mobile games or apps that dabble on the puzzle genre, but you have not tried mobile puzzle gaming until you have played the 100 Floors game.

Going Up

The 100 Floors game is a simple game that gets challenging as it progresses. But unlike crosswords and Soduko, 100 Floors offer a unique spin to mobile puzzle gaming. The idea of the game is a bit simplistic. You should from the ground floor to the top. But going to the top is not as easy as pressing the button of a real elevator. It is no walk in the park to take on the 100 Floors game.

Leveling Up the Challenge

If you are up to it, here is what is in store for you in every story. Each floor is a challenge. You will be stuck on one floor if you cannot solve it. The first floor might be a breeze for advanced gamers. But be wary. The following floors will not be as easy. In the 100 Floors game, each floor is a different puzzle. Per floor is unique and you can never use the same solution. The puzzles will really strike you so hard you will probably spend a good time trying to get out of a floor.

Move It, Shake It, Touch It, Solve It

Solving the puzzles in the 100 Floors game requires not only your vast knowledge in solving problems. It will also require you to do a range of motions to be able to advance to the next floor. There will be floors that will require you to poke your mobile device. There will be floors that will make you shake and there are some that will ask you to pinch, tilt and ever swipe pictures. This adds to the experience. The 100 Floors game makes you use your mind and then your fingers to get up so high in the building.

Specs Check

The 100 Floors game is created by the manufacturer TOBI APPS. The game playability is extended per floor. And in the building of the game, there are about 30 plus levels of puzzles or floors for you to solve. The game play makes use of your mobile devices range of motions like poking, pinching, tilting and the likes. And the cool thing about this game, updates are frequently available. This means news floors and new puzzles can be added to your building. And the best thing about this app, it is available for free.

Mobile puzzle gaming is taken to new heights with the 100 Floors game from TOBI apps. You do not need to be a master detective to find out if you should download this game. Get it now and solve floor after floor of puzzles.