100 Floors Cheat

Are you stuck in a floor and the elevator fails to open up? Don’t you just hate it when it happens? Well, luckily for you, there is a way to avoid getting stuck on 100 Floors, something a Claustrophonic person as you will be more than inclined to use perhaps!

100 Floors is cool and innovative in the sense that it requires you to really think outside the box if you want to advance in the game. Unlike many other iPhone games where you merely need to swipe as fast as you can, or be super precised, in this one its all about figuring out the general pattern and being creative. The game begins relatively easy (okay, super easy), but later on you’ll have to use every bit of your wits to advance to new levels – some head bashing is probably inevitable!

For players you don’t want to heat up their brains too much, there is indeed an easy way out, in the form of 100 Floor Cheat. This app ensures an easy step by step detailed instructions and directions to solve every level in 100 floors. By using the 100 Floors Cheats app you can pretty much say goodbye to getting stuck on levels, and cruise along the floors like a boss. The Cheat is free and was made especially to help 100 floor novices to beat the game with ease, or better yet ease up the game’s difficulty level which is quite high.

Having said that, a challenge is always a good thing. So what if its a little hard solving a certain floor? It is possible to surpass any of them, so don’t shy away from some heavy thinking. Use the Cheat only in cases in which you are stuck for hours trying to solve a floor and are ready to give up the game entirely. 100 Floors game is made specifically to entice and workout your brain, as it is a whole new puzzle-thinking-game thingi. So while you are waiting for the elevator (in real life), hop on your iPhone and start up 100 floors and solve a level, who knows – this just might give you the inspiration you need!