100 Floors Answers

One of the top ranked mobile gaming apps today is quite an intriguing puzzle game. Its gameplay will pique the curiosity of players both casual and serious ones. And though many developers have tried creating the best mobile gaming app that will rule the puzzle genre, none has taken the cake so far. Except for the one called 100 Floors. The mechanics of the game is quite simple. You need to beat the puzzle of each floor to move up one level at a time. But to get to the top is not a walk in the park. Each puzzle will make you flex your brain like you have never done so before. Remember, every floor is a puzzle. You will stay in it until you have solved the challenge. As the name goes, that will be 100 challenges for you to play, and below are 100 floors answers to each of the existing levels.

The game will be solved in different ways. There will be levels where the lift demands you to move your mobile device, shake it, or even touch it just to solve the level. So it is not just a brain exercise but also a test of your hand to eye coordination skills. From 1 to 31, challenges just keep getting harder and harder. 31 onwards are a different story. No one will judge you if you hit the internet and scour the World Wide Web for cheat codes or at the very least walkthroughs.

100 Floors Levels

The game created by Tobi Apps Limited is such a hit. A clear sign of this is when FAQs and walkthroughs are easy to find on the Internet. It just goes to show that people are going online to share ideas and look for game solutions. So when you feel stomped, you can go to the Internet and get the solution you need. But better yet, have your own walkthrough at your disposal so you do not have to go back and forth in playing and searching the Internet. Here are some level-by-level descriptions on how to solve and beat the game.

100 Floors Level 1

The first level is easy enough. But even the best will need some actual help. So for the first level, simply tap the green arrow to let the door open.

100 Floors Level 2

Level 2 takes a little more guile to finish. Drag the garbage can to one side. Then move the green arrow in the elevator empty up button slot. And again, tap the green arrow to open the door.

100 Floors Level 3

This one is as simple as shaking your mobile device to make the door open.

100 Floors Level 4

With your two fingers, slide the two doors open all at the same time.

100 Floors Level 5

This is again a shaking stage. Shake you mobile device. The ladder will drop and you are good to go.

100 Floors Level 6

For this stage, start it out like this. Set away the plants on the right. Then you will see a sun symbol from where the plant used to be. Tap the symbol. Then tap the 3 sun symbols on the door to beat the stage.

100 Floors Level 7

This is the first level where tilting is a great factor to beating a level. Tilt your mobile device so that the rock will slide on top of the red button.

100 Floors Level 8

This level is a little bit fruity. Keep moving all of the fruits aside. You can only stop when you see the banana. Give the banana to the gorilla to finish the stage.

100 Floors Level 9

In this level, you will see 4 small round buttons in the 4 corners. These circles match the big circles in the middle. Tap the small circles to match the big circles. Use the color as the guide in matching them up.

100 Floors Level 10

Quickly shake your phone on this level. Doing so will make the snake disappear. Then slide your finger on the arrow to finish off the stage.

100 Floors Level 11

Tilt your mobile device. This will make the balls move. Keep tilting until the balls are aligned to the center hole. Keep it in place until the three lights turn on.

100 Floors Level 12

Look for the red buttons on the floor of the level. Tap them. This will make the ball jump up from its position. Keep tapping the buttons. Doing so should make the ball reach the top and cause the lights to turn green. Then switch on both the lights.

100 Floors Level 13

Keep shaking your mobile device until a hammer drops. The hammer is now for you to use to break the wall.

100 Floors Level 14

This one is pretty simple. Tap and keep your finger on the green hand scanner. This can be found on the right side. Keep at it until the lights turn on.

100 Floors Level 15

Remember this code, 1643. It can be found from the symbols on the top.

100 Floors Level 16

There is a screwdriver on the left part of the screen. Take it and use it to unhinge 4 screws. Remove the metal plate then flip your phone upside down.

100 Floors Level 17

Use the mobile device to put the ball on top of the blue button. Tilt your mobile device to do so. Then solve the sequence on the bars. The sequence is as follows: left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right.

100 Floors Level 18

There a blue cubes on this floor. Tap all 5 of them at the same time.

100 Floors Level 19

There is a rag on the floor. Use it to clear the cobweb on the door to the right. Use the rag to clean the other doors as well.

100 Floors Level 20

Pick up the screw found on the floor. Then look for the yellow signboard. Move it to the side. Use the screw and tighten it on the slot found behind where the signboard was.

100 Floors Level 21

Just hold your mobile device on the upright position. The lights will eventually turn on.

100 Floors Level 22

There is a hammer in this level. Make like the God of Thunder and smash the statue found on your right. North, East, West, South. Then slide the door going up, right, left and then finally down.

100 Floors Level 23

Locate the green light. Tap it. The lights will open. Place the metal plate on the door. Then tap the flowers from right to left.

100 Floors Level 24

With two fingers, slide and hold the door up. Then one finger should tap the green arrow.

100 Floors Level 25

Study the dots carefully. Arrange them so that the dots on the match the circles found on the floor. Here is the sequence to remember: Lowest, Highest, High, Low

100 Floors Level 26

For this one challenge, you will need 100 volts of energy. Arrange the batteries to make it happen. First put on 5 volts and 1 volt in the left slots. Then put the 20 volts and the 1 volt in the slots in the middle. And then finally put the 5 volts and 20 volts in the slots to the right.

100 Floors Level 27

Look for the silver box. Slide it to the right. The hammer can be used to smash the small crack on the wall. Get the crank and insert it in the hole found at the center of the door. Keep turning the crank until the lights turn green.

100 Floors Level 28

Study the dots on the top of the door. These are the instruction on how to open the door. Tap the door based on the pattern of the dots. Now, be patient and wait for the rainbow colors to go away before tapping again.  Then, tap the door twice, thrice, once and then twice again.

100 Floors Level 29

Lay your mobile device flat on a surface. Then the bomb will start counting down.  This will blow up the door.

100 Floors Level 30

Look at the current time of your phone. Set the clock in the game to match the current time. Then pull the lever.

100 Floors Level 31

The screwdriver should be used to remove the 2 screws found on the signboard. Flip the board on a 180 degrees movement then you will see the F31. Get it.

100 Floors Level 32

Look for the 12 dots. They can be found above the door. Move the mahjong game tiles. Make sure that the arranged mahjong game tiles sum up to 12. The number 4 should be in the center. Here is the sequence: 543, 4642, 741.

100 Floors Level 33

Match the colored buttons with the image on the door. Match by tapping. Here is the sequence: Fire = red, cloud = white, banana = yellow, cherry = red, pear = yellow, snow flake = white.

100 Floors Level 34

Study the tiles closely. Then highlight these tiles: IOOFLOORS

100 Floors Level 35

Look for the power cord. Plug it in. Then remove the lights on the door. Do this by tapping the lights. You should then convert 88 to 35.

100 Floors Level 36

Study the tiles. Tap them in this order: Fish, Dog, Apple, Plane, Moon.

100 Floors Level 37

There is a tile on the top left hand corner. Slide it down. An iron ball will be there. Get it. The green button will appear. Then slide the barrel to unveil the second green button. Then turn your mobile device upside down to show you the third and last green button.

100 Floors Level 38

Study the hands in the screen. Tap the one hand in the circle. This will make the hands meet. Remember this sequence: Biggest > Smallest > Medium.

100 Floors Level 39

With your finger, draw a line. The line should start from the top left and go all the way down in a diagonal movement. Keep drawing all the way up. Continue once more diagonally down to the left. Finally, draw a straight line to the right.

100 Floors Level 40

Toggle your mobile device’s volume setting to put it into silent mode.

This guide will help you go up the floors. The puzzles are solved for you to follow. Keep this walkthrough so you won’t be stopped by one level.