100 Floors

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Move forward to the next floor by solving multiple challenges, mini puzzles and hard riddles! There are over 100 Floors to be solved, and countless of puzzles to be deciphered, do you have what it takes to reach the top floor? Do you want to see what it contains? Prove your mental power by taking on some extreme challenges – the floors await you!

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Finally, a new age puzzle-solving-game which is made to entice your brain and give you one heck of a mental workout. In each floor you are faced with a series of riddles and you have to figure out how to open and access the elevator before you to gain entry to the next floor. Sounds easy? Well, think again or better yet – try to reach Floor 30!

100 Floors Features:
↗Challenging Mini Puzzles and Riddles!
↗Works Perfect With iPhone and iPad!
↗Stunning Visuals and Various Floor Types!
↗Frequent Updates Of New Floors!
↗It’s Absolutely Free!

So lets see if you got what it takes to make it to the top! Keep in mind, many have tried and failed, so are you ready to step up to the challenge and reach the 100th floor? Let the elevating begin!